Tour Our Facility

Tour for Patients & Physicians

Welcome to the Oak Brook Surgical Centre. Our world class ambulatory (same-day) surgery center provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment in a friendly, relaxing environment. Take a quick tour of the facility by reviewing photo galleries below:

Two private waiting rooms with TV sets, vending machines, and the atrium are available in addition to the main reception area for those accompanying patients.

Patients are examined prior to surgery in order to ensure their fitness for the scheduled procedure.

Patients meet their anesthesiologist before the surgery in this room and discuss any questions they may have. A mild sedative is often administered to alleviate any possible nervousness regarding surgery.

Patients are guided to one of the four surgical rooms which is specially prepared for the specific surgery that is scheduled. The entire medical area is maintained at high standards of sterilization.

Four spacious surgical rooms have enough space for large medical teams and are equipped with the latest equipment. Specific equipment is arranged to be in each room based on type of surgery and medical team which is scheduled to perform it.

Following the surgery, patients are brought to the recovery area. Patient’s vital signs are monitored during recovery from anesthesia using monitoring devices placed next to each bed. The nursing staff observe the progress of patients from the nurse’s station (Shown in lower left side of the picture).

Some say the best part of outpatient surgery is that patients get to go home the same day. Once anesthesiologists and nursing staff determine that the patient has recovered from effects of anesthesia. He or she is assisted to the vehicle, and either a friend or relative drives the patient home.

Oak Brook Surgical Center was established in 1984. It was developed with the knowledge and expertise to perform from the simplest to the most sophisticated of outpatient surgical procedures. We address every surgical specialty and utilize the latest technology in surgical instrumentation and equipment. All surgical procedures are performed by fully credentialed physicians. Anesthesia services are provided under the directorship of a physician who is a board certified anesthesiologist, and all staff members of the anesthesia department are physicians who are trained in all aspects of anesthesia, including pain management. The nursing staff, who will be with you in both surgery and recovery, are highly trained and very competent and will give you the highest level of care.

Setting Exemplary High Standards

Oak Brook Surgical Center is fully licensed by the state of Illinois, approved by Medicare and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. This highly recognized and respected accreditation sets Oak Brook Surgical Center apart from many other similar facilities. It indicates we have demonstrated that we practice a level of patient care meeting extremely high standards, recognized as exemplary.

Your Convenience and Comfort

We recognize the importance of providing a setting that is comfortable. This, in combination with a highly trained and compassionate staff, can make your stay enjoyable and minimize the anxiety that often comes with surgery. Our patients continually tell us that the treatment that they received was very pleasant and in many respects more comfortable than a hospital. Additionally, because you go home after surgery, your recovery time is generally faster and more convenient. There are also a variety of services that we offer to our patients to make their surgery easier:

  • We can perform all aspects of preoperative testing at Oak Brook Surgical Center.
  • We can perform a range of x-ray and imaging services, including x-ray, fluoroscopy, mammography and ultrasound.

Our goal is to provide you with the best care in the most comfortable setting possible, and we work hard to meet that goal every day. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions or suggestions.